Hi! I'm Lauren.

I first got into advertising when I was 9 months old. I was cast as the perfect naked bottom in a TV commercial for a hospital. It was my foot (or butt) in the door and I never looked back. 

I have a BFA in Communication Design (Art Direction, specifically) from the University of North Texas. I enjoy wearing both the writer and designer hats. 

I recently quit my full time job to pursue my #travelgoals, but that doesn't mean I'm not working! Currently, I'm a freelance copywriter, designer, and calligrapher traveling with a group called Remote Year: 75 people living, traveling, and working (remotely) in a different country every month for a year. It's incredible and inspiring and making me a better human. Check out my blog for updates on my life, work, and ability to consume everything I can.

Also, check out my calligraphy business here

I'm also:

  • a stand-up comedian and improviser - thanks, DCH!
  • a terrible packer 
  • a foodie
  • a fan of kettlebell workouts and miss my gym terribly
  • travel obsessed (obviously)
  • obsessed with playlists - I have one for everything
  • a piano player
  • a singer
  • hungry, probably

Wanna chat about a job, a cool project, or how to make the perfect guacamole? (Seriously, it's won awards.) Email me at