Redbox placed various installments featuring classic movie characters in their scenarios throughout the city, constantly reminding people that movies truly are everywhere you look. 

★National ADDY Awards Finalist 2012

★Singing Cow Scholarship Award at the Creative Summit XXVI. This award for outstanding creativity is presented in memory of Texas advertising legend Lyle Metzdorf. 

★Selected for the Creative Summit XXVI Student Show 2012

★Silver ADDY Award in Mixed Media Campaigns at the District 10 Addys 2012 (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, & Arkansas)

★Gold Addy Award in Mixed Media Campaigns at the Dallas ADDYs 2012

★Special Judges Choice Award for Best Use of Non-Traditional Media in the Dallas ADDYs 2012

Art Direction and Writing by Lauren Bernal

Photography by Neill Whitlock.

Taxi Driver AD.jpg

This was a short animation created that is intended to air on a projection screen on the side of a building. It reinforces the idea of a movie anywhere you are (Spiderman in real life!) and the red silhouette also comes into play at the end. It runs in a loop. Please click the full screen button for a better view.